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digitalmars.D.learn - iota and BigInt

Using reduce for factorial, seems to require iota, not a bad things per
se, with ulongs:

	reduce!"a*b"(1, iota(1, n + 1))

works fine. Now switch to BigInt:

	reduce!"a*b"(one, iota(one, n + one))

fails to compile, one and n + one are of different types. Problem is
that one is immutable but n + one is not. I can't remember how to create
an immutable value as an expression so:

	immutable BigInt v =3D n + one;
	reduce!"a*b"(one, iota(one, v))

now I get an error telling me that I can't use iota because BigInt is
not a float or an integer. Is this a known bug? Yes it is:

Does anyone know how to fix this 3.5 year old bug that is a blocker for
doing anything with factorial and Fibonacci Series.?

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Jan 22 2015