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digitalmars.D.learn - gtkd shared libraries

With dmd v2.061, gtkd can be compiled to shared library and linked to them
directly with dmd command. Only allow compilation to 64-bit. 32-bit return
"Segmentation Fault".

I've built two deb packages containing gtkd shared libs.:

They depends on static deb gtkd packages at:

This allow you to compile gtkd1 (gtk+2) and gtkd2 (gtk+3).
Tested with all examples at:

to link against shared libraries:
$ dmd `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtkd-2` gtkd_app.d

to link against static libraries:
$ dmd `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtkd-2-static` gtkd_app.d

P.S. This is just for testing.
Jordi Sayol
Jan 21 2013