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digitalmars.D.learn - extern(C++) with template produces wrong mangleof

What's the difference bw _Z21test_D20161202T141925IiET_S0_ and
_Z21test_D20161202T141925IiEii? mangleof produces the one that's not in the
library produced:

template<typename T>
T test_D20161202T141925(T a);
template int test_D20161202T141925<int>(int);

clang++ -shared -o libtest.so test.cpp

c++filt _Z21test_D20161202T141925IiET_S0_
int test_D20161202T141925<int>(int)

c++filt _Z21test_D20161202T141925IiEii
int test_D20161202T141925<int>(int)

nm libtest.so|grep test_D20161202T141925:
0000000000000ae0 W _Z21test_D20161202T141925IiET_S0_

  void test_D20161202T141743();
  T test_D20161202T141925(T)(T a);

void test(){
  assert(test_D20161202T141925!int.mangleof ==
// but I would expect _Z21test_D20161202T141925IiET_S0_ (otherwise,
undefined symbol)
Dec 02 2016