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digitalmars.D.learn - eof of socketstream?

reply useo6 <isntveryinteresting isntveryinteresting.com> writes:
Hey guys,

is there any way to find the end a socketstream? When I use:

MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream();
while (s.socket().isAlive()) ms.write(s.getc());

I run into an endless loop. The socket doesn't send the size of the data, so I
need to know when I received all the data. How can I figure out that I received
all data?

thx for any help!
Jan 22 2012
parent useo6 <isntveryinteresting isntveryinteresting.com> writes:
Nobody knows how to solve that problem? I tried some other solutions where I
ran into the same problem:

/* Works as long as bytes available and the length of my buffer is > 1 -
doesn't work if the file-size (which
is unknown) has a size which is a multiple of the buffer size... for ex. if the
buffer has a size of 128 byte
and the file size is also 128 bytes long and/or is 512 or similar */

while (true) {
	uint num = ss.readBlock(buffer.ptr, buffer.length);
	if (num < buffer.length) break;

/* The following works as long as bytes available on the stream - after reading
all bytes, the socket blocks */
while (!ss.eof) {

/* The same like the solutions before... */
while (true) {
	string cLine = cast(string) ss.readLine();
	if (cLine == "") break;

I hope anyone can solve the problem... I don't think it's a bug. In my opinion
it has something to do with
blocking sockets, but I'm absolutely over-asked why no solution which I found
in some other threads doesn't
Jan 25 2012