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digitalmars.D.learn - double indirection

By advice given, I ran the conversion tool.

It came up with this for the Java Interface:

struct JNINativeInterface_
    void *reserved0;
    void *reserved1;
    void *reserved2;
    void *reserved3;
    int  function(JNINativeInterface_ **env)GetVersion;
    _jobject * function(JNINativeInterface_ **env, char *name,
_jobject *loader, sbyte *buf, int len)DefineClass;
    _jobject * function(JNINativeInterface_ **env, char

.... and so on for several hundred lines.

so how do I get at the **env ....

this is gonna be slogging trying to find it by myself, if someone ||
anyone can just suggest where to read.

As well, it is all in a structure. Never had any instruction on how to
call a function in a structre.

Makes sense, just need to know how to do it.
Mar 16 2009