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reply jstark <jsstark gmail.com> writes:
hello, i just downloaded d for osx (at last :)), but when i try to compile a
simple prog, i get the followin msg: 

object.d: module object cannot read file 'object.d'

i have 'dmd', 'obj2asm', and 'dumpobj' in $HOME/local/bin, libphobos2.a in
$HOME/local/lib. Where should i copy 'src' and what to write in dmd.conf ?

Feb 14 2009
parent takeshi <takeshi enomosphere.net> writes:
Edit /etc/dmd.conf to point the runtime library.
The runtime library is found in src directory.
My dmd.conf looks like


;DFLAGS=-I% P%/../src/phobos -I% P%/../src/druntime/import -L-L% P%/../lib
DFLAGS=-I/usr/local/dmd/src/phobos -I/usr/local/dmd/src/druntime/import
Mar 04 2009