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digitalmars.D.learn - anything that would provide support for zip filesystem?

reply "Jay Norwood" <jayn prismnet.com> writes:
In my work we have to access a big zip file with a lot of little 
xml files in it to look up various target specific attributes for 
a wide variety of targets.

Basically the zip file it is a zipped up directory hierarchy of 
zip files, and  in processing it the hierarchy has meaning.

I see in the D library reference that we have the start of some 
zip processing, and we also have some url support in 
std.net.curl,  but is there anything provided that allows you to 
access files in a zip archive by url?

This description of java zipfilesystemprovider looks like it 
provides a solution.


While writing this I was also thinking about  D imports, and 
would it be useful feature if D could import modules using a zip 
Mar 22 2012
parent Trass3r <un known.com> writes:
I guess Tango provides something like that via the VFS stuff.

https://github.com/SiegeLord/Tango-D2 resp.
Mar 22 2012