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digitalmars.D.learn - Tango's Regex Engine

I'm looking into doing some Regex with Tango. I'm interested in knowing 
which engine it uses. It claims to be based on the "Tagged NFA/DFA" 
however I can only get information on one or the other. It seems to be 
NFA because it has lazy, but according to http://www.regular-

"You can do the test by applying the regex r"regex|regex not" to the 
string "regex not". If the resulting match is only "regex", the engine is 
[NFA]. If the result is regex not, then it is [DFA]. The reason behind 
this is that the regex-directed engine is "eager".

So if for some reason Tango is mixing the two, where am I going to find 
accurate information on what is going on?
Aug 07 2008