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digitalmars.D.learn - Signals using shared slots

Hey there,

I'm currently starting to use signals. They are great (thanks 
Walter!) but there is an important limitation since the only 
slots it can take are non-shared, which forces them to operate 
within a single thread.

I understand the `Not safe for multiple threads operating on the 
same signals or slots.` notice in 
https://dlang.org/phobos/std_signals.html, but this is not about 
operating them in different threads. It is about calling shared 
methods, which should probably be supported, since I might want 
to issue callbacks to shared instances (and indeed I do).

Still, regarding that notice, I understand we are to externally 
synchronize calls to the signal's methods if we intent to use 
signals in __gshared mode, right?

Currently there is a thing going on in my program I don't quite 
understand (though it works): I pass a delegate of a TL object as 
a slot to a manually synchronized signal, only to later call emit 
on that signal from a different thread. The result: it indeed 
ends up calling the right instance but apparently breaking TLS. 
Checking the direction of a TL int variable from methods called 
from different threads issue the very same pointer value, even 
though this int variable, as well as the whole object instance, 
should be confined to the original thread.

Am I getting something wrong about the whole threading thing?
Jun 16 2016