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digitalmars.D.learn - Re: Help learning how to interface with c(++)

Kai Meyer Wrote:

 gcc -m32 -shared -fPIC Test.cpp -o libTest.so

 So I monkeyed around a little bit, and found out that if I change 
 "extern (C)" to "extern (C++)", the library links correctly and the 
 program runs.
 That lead me to believe that if I added the "-cpp" option to htod.exe, 
 it would generate extern(C++) functions. But I got a blank Test.d file 
 doing it that way.
 So, gcc created a libTest.so with a function in it, and dmd only finds 
 the function with extern(C++) and not with extern(C).
 Now I'm just confused, yet pleased something worked.

Because you compile .cpp file, gcc compiles it with g++ as C++ and mangles functions accordingly. You can tell gcc to compile the file as C.
Mar 08 2011