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digitalmars.D.learn - Re: AA's and mutating keys

Paul Findlay Wrote:
 That's exactly what I was doing when trying Tim Bray's "Wide Finder" thing
 in D.

Much slower than the psyco version still, I presume because I know Python more than D still (I have used functional-style coding in D 1.x, and with the new closures of D 2.x it may improve) and because Python AAs are quite more optimized: import std.stream, d.func, d.time, std.string; import std.regexp: search; void main() { auto t0 = clock(); string patt = `GET /ongoing/When/\d\d\dx/(\d\d\d\d/\d\d/\d\d/[^ .]+) `; int[string] count; foreach(string line; new BufferedFile("o1000k.ap")) if (line.find("GET /ongoing/When") != -1) if (auto m = search(line, patt)) count[m.match(1)]++; foreach(key; sortedAA(count, &Vgetter!(string, int))[0 .. 10]) { // writefln("%40s = %s", key, count[key]); } writefln(clock()-t0, " s"); foreach(key; sortedAA(count, &Vgetter!(string, int))[$-10 .. $]) writefln("%40s = %s", key, count[key]); } Psyco: import sys, time, re, collections, psyco timer = time.clock if sys.platform == "win32" else time.time def main(filenamein): t0 = timer() search = re.compile(r"GET /ongoing/When/\d\d\dx/(\d\d\d\d/\d\d/\d\d/[^ .]+) ").search count = collections.defaultdict(int) for line in open(filenamein, "rb"): if "GET /ongoing/When" in line: match = search(line) if match: count[match.group(1)] += 1 for key in sorted(count, key=count.get)[:10]: pass # print "%40s = %s" % (key, count[key]) print round(timer() - t0, 2), "s" # sanity check for key in sorted(count, key=count.get)[-10:]: print "%40s = %s" % (key, count[key]) psyco.full() main("o1000k.ap") Bear hugs, bearophile
Nov 02 2007