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digitalmars.D.learn - Memory profiling D applications

I would like to get a view of the amount of memory that my 
application requires over time, but this does not seem to be 
trivial in D.

1) I assume the garbage collector could keep around memory that 
my application is no longer using. If this is the case then no 
external memory profiler is going to give me the information I'm 
looking for and I have to ask the garbage collector how much is 
in use by my application. However, I have not found any 
interfaces that allow me to request this information. Is it even 

2) Not everything uses garbage-collected memory. 
std.container.array uses regular malloc/free calls. To include 
these in the result I would still have to use an external 
profiler to track mallocs (valgrind's massif or heaptrack for 
example) and ignore the calls coming from the GC.

I've also tried running my application in a cgroup and limit the 
available memory to determine peak memory usage experimentally, 
but I'd much rather have a graph of usage over time.

Has anyone done anything like this before? Are there better ways 
to do this?

Jan 31 2016