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digitalmars.D.learn - Iterating over a variant conaining an associative array

This works:

string[] l = ["one", "two", "three"];
auto vl = Variant(vl);
foreach(Variant i; vlist) writeln(i);

(Note how I don't need the contained type for iterating over it).

This doesn't work:

string[int] d = [1: "one", 2: "two", 3: "three)];
auto vd = Variant(d);
foreach(Variant i; vd) writeln(i);

This gives the error:

std.variant.VariantException std\variant.d(1209): Variant: 
attempting to use incompatible types uint and immutable(char)[]

Getting the elements with the opIndex (like vd[1]) works. Is 
there any other way to iterate over vd elements without knowing 
the exact type and retrieving it with get!TYPE?
Aug 23 2012