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digitalmars.D.learn - InSituRegion + allocatorObject compile time error

Getting this error, could someone explain why?

void main(string[] args) {
	InSituRegion!(1024) stackAlloc;
	IAllocator alloc = allocatorObject(stackAlloc);

Error: static assert  "Don't know how to initialize an object of 
type CAllocatorImpl!(InSituRegion!(1024u, 8u), cast(Flag)false) 
with arguments (InSituRegion!(1024u, 8u))"

instantiated from here: 
emplace!(CAllocatorImpl!(InSituRegion!(1024u, 8u), 
cast(Flag)false), InSituRegion!(1024u, 8u))

instantiated from here: allocatorObject!(InSituRegion!(1024u, 8u))

Thank you
Jan 29 2016