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digitalmars.D.learn - Faster ways to redirect stdout of child process to file

reply "Thomas Mader" <thomas.mader gmail.com> writes:
I use

         auto pipes = pipeProcess( cmd, Redirect.stdout | 
Redirect.stderr );

to redirect stdout of the newly created subprocess via pipes to a 
file. The redirect itself happens in a newly created thread 
(because I need to wait for the subprocess to finish to take the 
exact elapsed time) doing basically:

         pipes.stdout.byChunk( 1024 * 1024 ).copy( 
cof.lockingTextWriter() );

This happens to use much of my CPU time (~25%). I wonder if there 
is no faster way to do this.
I use this method because I want to be platform independent.

Aug 11 2014
parent "Thomas Mader" <thomas.mader gmail.com> writes:
I found out that the redirect was not responsible for the CPU 
time, it was some other code part which was responsible for it 
and totally unrelated to the redirect.

I also saw that a redirect in my case is much simpler by using 

auto logFile = File("errors.log", "w");
auto pid = spawnProcess(["dmd", "myprog.d"],
Aug 15 2014