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digitalmars.D.learn - Error 42 Symbol Undefined


I'm trying to use the Gl3n (https://bitbucket.org/dav1d/gl3n) but 
I keep getting error 42 whenever I try this:

alias Vector!(float, 2) vect2;
vect2 position;
position.x = 2.0f; //This is what causes the error

I looked into how the struct was implemented and x is an alias 
for a get/set function that interacts with the array that stores 
the values for the vector. I've tried something like this:

alias Vector!(float, 2) vect2;
vect2 position;
position = vect2(0.0f, 0.0f);

However, both methods give the same error:

Error 42: Symbol Undefined pure nothrow  property  safe void 
2).Vector.set_!('x').set_(float)	C:\Users\CP\Documents\Visual 
Studio 2010\Projects\D\STDS\	

Error 42: Symbol Undefined 

I have the module linalg imported like this at the top:

import Gl3n.linalg; //Gl3n is the folder the source files are in
Mar 17 2012