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digitalmars.D.learn - Does "dub test" run tests?

I have a Meson build for a D program project with a single main.d file
that has some unit tests. Both executable and test executable are
created and work as expected.

I created a minimal Dub file for this project. Using Dub the program
runs as expected. However when I run "dub test" it claims to be running
"dub -b unittest" and then proceeds to run the program not the tests.

In main.d I have:

    ... some most excellent D code =E2=80=A6

    version(unittest) {
      ... the unit tests ...
    else {
      ... the application main ...

so whilst the Meson/Ninja "ldc2 -unittest --main" thing works fine, Dub
doesn't do the right thing. Or more likely I am just missing something

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Mar 20 2017