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digitalmars.D.learn - D3D12 memory issues

Hello guys,

I have DirectX 12 code that doesn't work in D (it works in C++), 
as the subject says this can be related to D heap and/or thread 
local storage.

code can be found here (build with dmd -m32mscoff)

specifically this line
device.CreateRenderTargetView(renderTargets[n], null, rtvHandle);

The problem is that D3D12 needs special heap object(most likely 
reserves space for actual heap somewhere else) that is then bound 
to actual heap memory in client side code(that usually should be 
avaliable for at least 2-3 frames), however function above is 
failing with the error that this heap object pointing to some 
other memory, and to be honest i don't have an idea what's wrong 
with it. I tried marking D3D heap stuff with __gshared, but 
result was the same. So any suggestions on solving this are 

But i am not sure if this is just D quirks, D3D12 quirks, or me 
being a noob in DirectX 12.
Dec 20 2016