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digitalmars.D.learn - (D1) Mixing in constructors

I've been trying to use a template to mixin constructors and running into what
seems like a bug. Here's the template:
public template ChainNodeSubclassing {
	this() {
	this(string id) {

...some other stuff...

Using this, compilation would always fail and complain that Object has no super
class. This is strange because template mixins are supposed to only be
evaluated where they're mixed-in, namely in the body of my classes which
certainly do have super-classes.

So I tried getting around it like this (just the second constructor for
this(string id) {
	static if (!is(typeof(this) : Object))
		writefln("Instantiating %s with ID", this.classinfo.name);
	} else {
		throw new Exception("Cannot instantiate type");

Now it compiles, but I always get errors at runtime when I try to create of one
the classes with this mixin. It seems that every object is implicitly
convertible to Object. Is this a bug or am I doing something really wrong?
Nov 06 2009