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digitalmars.D.learn - Code coverage during CTFE

Recently I've hooked my code up to coveralls.io using the 
convenient doveralls[1]. At first, I just did a dub test command 
before sending the data to coveralls, but my simulation code also 
has runnable tests in addition to unittests, which reaches many 
more lines.

Today I've added an option to my testing script to merge the .lst 
files from various runs, basically adding up the number of times 
each line is hit. This seems to work just fine.

However, my code also heavily uses string mixins in a couple of 
places, and I use functions that return the relevant strings to 
generate them. These functions are never called at runtime, and 
as such are shown with the nasty red bars for no coverage. Is it 
possible to get a -cov dump for code run at compile time?

[1] https://github.com/ColdenCullen/doveralls
Feb 03 2015