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digitalmars.D.learn - Accessing the symbol table of a mach-o file

I'm trying to access the symbol table of a mach-o file. I've managed to 
access the symbol table but I have two problems:

1. It seems I can't access the whole symbol table if I compare my output 
to the output of nm. For example, I have a global struct in the file I'm 
examining which doesn't show up in my output. I have a global class that 
does show up but not the methods in the class.

2. When I'm printing the string representation (accessed from the string 
table) of some of the symbols they don't seem to be complete. For 
example "inte" instead of "internal". Then the next symbol I print is 
the rest of the previous symbol.

This is the code I have so far, in some kind of pseudo code format:

header = the header of the mach-o file
cmd = cast(load_command*) (cast(byte*) header + size of header)

loop (number of load commands)
	cmd = cast(type of command) (cast(byte*) cmd + size of command)

	if (cmd == symbol table command)

symbolTable = cast(nlist*) (cast(byte*) header + symbol table offset)
stringTable = cast(char*) (cast(byte*) header + string table offset)

foreach (entry in symbolTable)
	symbol = stringTable + string table index
	print symbol

Does anyone have any idea what I can do about the above two problems?
Feb 24 2010