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digitalmars.D.learn - understanding the -profile output

I am evaluating a concept that seems to fail because the real time 
actually needed is in the order of twenty slower than a hand coded 

But profiling the source does not give any hint for the reason.

In the trace.log there is only one (and expected) significant entry:

======== Timer Is 3579545 Ticks/Sec, Times are in Microsecs ========

  Num          Tree        Func        Per
  Calls        Time        Time        Call

287078218   105980460   105288875           0

Because the times are in microsecs the runtime should be roughly 
106s. But the time really used up is 1147s, which already is a factor 
of 10.

The unprofiled .exe runs in 51s.

I feel lost.

Aug 17 2005