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digitalmars.D.learn - Compiling D to x86 assembly

I'm trying to convert D to a MASM or NASM-like assembly(in other words, Intel
x86 style). I did notice the obj2asm file in the bin directory, but I don't
really know how to use it.(it has no extension, so DOS can't run it, and I also
tried ./obj2asm from cygwin). But that may not matter because in the readme it
said obj2asm is an ELF file disassembler; and I think(though I might be wrong)
ELF files are associated with an AT&T syle assembly (like gas, the gcc backend).

However, D's inline assembler has an x86 implementation. So there has to be a
way to translate D directly to assembly. 

Anyone know how?

thanks in advance,

Aug 08 2005