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digitalmars.D.ldc - merge-2.064: libcurl heisenbug, LLVM 3.4 release mode tests time out

Hi all,

I think it is long overdue that we decide how to go on about doing the
merge of 2.064. At this point, it is probably more "stable" (in the
sense of bug-free) than master, simply because of all the fixed
frontend bugs.

What about just merging it to master, releasing a beta, and looking
whether any users actually complain about having to unnecessarily link
libcurl on their machines? Even if the heisenbug strikes at your
machine, the libcurl dependency isn't really a show-stopper in many
cases. (I still didn't manage to reproduce the issue, by the way.)

The only thing we'd really need to fix is that the LLVM 3.4 release
test suite build (which is run with -DMULTILIB="ON") currently exceeds
the Travis time limit.

If we want a surefire fix for the libcurl issues, I suppose we could
properly implement -defaultlib/-debuglib (such that they are
overriding, and allow specifying multiple libraries to link to) and
just split off the stuff depending on libcurl into a different library
(and then link -lphobos2-ldc -ldruntime-ldc -lphobos2-curl-ldc
-lphobos2-ldc -ldruntime-ldc or use section groups). We need to at
least do the first part anyway as soon as we want to properly support
using a shared druntime/Phobos.

I think at this point it is be pretty clear that any other issues are
secondary to master being on a horribly outdated frontend version.

Jun 19 2014