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digitalmars.D.ldc - master is green again (sort of)

Hi all,

Yesterday, the Travis build went green for the first time in a
long while – well almost, if the dmd-testsuite build hadn't hit the 10
minute silence timeout enforced by Travis for one of the
configurations. Apart from that and what seems to be a transient
out-of-memory issue (see #672), this should hopefully enable us to go
back to a sane development/release model. Bear in mind that the curl
issue is not solved, but only worked around in the test suite runner.

With that, I'm also signing out for the next couple of weeks. I need to
focus on a couple of other things and won't have a lot of time to work
on D and/or keep up with the various discussions. However, please feel
free to ping me off-list in case any specific issues arise with shared library
support or the --gc-sections support code.

Jul 15 2014