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digitalmars.D.ldc - digitalmars.D.ldc mailing list interface is live!

Hi all,

Due to some unfortunate coincidences involving Google's SMTP servers and 
an overzealous mail filter, this took quite a bit longer than expected, 
but I am happy to announce:

The digitalmars.D.ldc news group to mailing list setup is now in full 
operation, meaning that you can access the group using either NNTP 
(news.digitalmars.com), email (lists.puremagic.com), and of course the 
web interface at http://forum.dlang.org/.

Thanks a lot again to Jan Knepper, Brad Roberts and Vladimir Panteleev 
for setting this up!

Activity has already shifted away from the ldc-dev Google Group in the 
last weeks and months, and it will be put into moderated mode soon. For 
the time being, please use dm.D.ldc for all discussions, both user- and 
development-related, as the current amount of traffic does not really 
merit a split. If the volume grows unexpectedly, we can always split the 
list again.

Oh, and stay tuned for further updates regarding the upcoming beta 

  — David
May 20 2013