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digitalmars.D.ldc - Welcome the new LDC committers!

reply "Kai Nacke" <kai redstar.de> writes:
Hi all!

On behave of the LDC team I am proud to announce our new team 

Martin (kinke), Dan (smolt) and Johan (JohanEngelen) !

Martin worked on the internal DMD assembler and x86_64 ABI 
calling conventions. His main interest is LDC on Win64.
Dan is widely known for his work on the iOS port of LDC.
Johan contributed DMD-style coverage to LDC. His is also 
interested in improving LDC on Win64.

A big thank for this great stuff!

Apr 20 2015
parent "Kenny" <artemalive gmail.com> writes:
Great news!
I'm especially very happy to hear about Win64 support!!
Apr 23 2015