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digitalmars.D.ldc - Merge of 2.063.2

reply "Kai Nacke" <kai redstar.de> writes:

The DMD frontend 2.063.2 is now merged in LDC head. You may want 
to give it a try as some other improvements are already 

- exception chaining
- extern(C++)
- support for static arrays, vector types and enums in Dwarf 
debug info
- some fixes to vector types

The code base is not yet ready for a next release as some 
important issues are not yet fixed.
The number of failing test cases on Linux/PPC64 raised from 50 to 
150 which is a clear indication that there is still a bug lurking 
in the code. On Linux/x86_64, all tests are passing.

Jul 02 2013
parent reply "Michael" <pr m1xa.com> writes:

any news?
Jul 09 2013
parent reply "Kai Nacke" <kai redstar.de> writes:
On Tuesday, 9 July 2013 at 17:03:43 UTC, Michael wrote:

 any news?
Not yet. I am still fixing bugs. Kai
Jul 09 2013
parent reply "Temtaime" <temtaime gmail.com> writes:
Any news? [2]
Aug 04 2013
parent "Kai Nacke" <kai redstar.de> writes:
On Sunday, 4 August 2013 at 14:44:00 UTC, Temtaime wrote:
 Any news? [2]
Well, Alexey contributed cleanup DMD sources and I fixed some more bugs. But I still haven't found the root cause of issue #407 (https://github.com/ldc-developers/ldc/issues/407) which I consider very important. Kai
Aug 05 2013