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[b]Summary[/b]: Wanna convert your VOB files to MP4 video and
play on computer, iPad or other media devices? Read on this
article, you will get the best solutions.


There’s a problem that has troubled me for days: I have a lot of
VOB files from my friend. I wanna convert them to a video format
for playing on my computer and iPad. Can this be converted into a
.mp4 file without losing any quality? Searched widely and I got
some tech support for [b]converting VOB to MP4[/b] video without
losing quality in a simplest way.

What I learn is that VOB standards for "Video Object". It is a
video format to store video on a DVD disc. If you have some VOB
files and want to convert VOB to MP4 for playback on PC or other
media devices like iPad, iPhone, Nook HD, Galaxy Tab, you can do
as follows to
VOB to MP4[/url][/b], a Windows, Android, iOS based device
compatible format.

To convert VOB to MP4, without losing video quality, [b]Brorsoft
Converter[/url][/b] would take the convenience of VOB to MP4
conversion as a quick and simple-accessible task. With the
user-friendly software you can achieve your aim in only three
steps. And if you wanna do the same job in Mac, you can get
[url=http://www.brorsoft.com/video-converter-mac/]VOB to MP4
Converter for Mac[/url](Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion supported).

[b]Note:[/b] If VOB files are still in your DVD discs, or in
VIDEO_TS folder, you need
Video Converter Ultimate[/url][/b] for help. It’s a package tool
that can help you convert BD, DVD and kinds of common video
files. For Mac owners,
Converter for Mac[/url] is the proper choice.

[b]Step 1. Add VOB files[/b]

Launch the VOB to MP4 converter. To add VOB files, you can just
drag video from your file folders to the list in the operating
window, or head to Add button to choose the file you want to


[b]Step 2. Select output format[/b]

Click the format icon to open the format list, then choose MP4
out from "Common Video" category. If you are about to use MP4
files on iPhone, iPad, Nexus 10, Surface Tablet (2), you can
select the presets for them under a certain category.


[b]Tip:[/b] This VOB converter also enables to edit the video
before the conversion by trimming, cropping, changing video
effect, etc. Click the Edit button to do it.

[b]Step 3. Start to encode VOB to MP4[/b]

Click "Convert" to start converting your video from VOB to MP4.
After the conversion, click “Open” to locate the result videos
and then you can play the converted VOB files on your PC or
digital players smoothly.

[b]P.S.[/b] This VOB to MP4 App can also help you convert VOB to
MOV, WMV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MKV and more popular video formats to
meet your needs.

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Feb 23 2014