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digitalmars.D.ldc - Error: unrecognized `pragma(LDC_intrinsic)

Trying to get dcompute to work... after a bunch of issues dealing 
with all the crap this is what I can't get past:

Error: unrecognized `pragma(LDC_intrinsic)

This is actually from the ldc.intrinsics file, which I had to 
rename from .di to d so it would be included in by VisualD.

I upgraded to latest LDC just before

LDC - the LLVM D compiler (1.14.0git-1bbda74):
   based on DMD v2.084.1 and LLVM 7.0.1

pragma(LDC_intrinsic, "llvm.returnaddress")
     void* llvm_returnaddress(uint level);

..\..\..\..\D\LDC\import\ldc\intrinsics.d(85): Error: 
unrecognized `pragma(LDC_intrinsic)`

Tried two different LDC's (both 1.14) though...

had to rename intrinsics.di to d(and others) for visual D.
Feb 28