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digitalmars.D.ldc - Building Git =?UTF-8?Q?master=E2=80=A6?=

As ever I regularly rebuild Git master on Fedora (LLVM 3.7) and Debian
(LLVM 3.6, though I am currently switching to 3.7) and everything is
generally fine. My =CF=80 by quadrature codes that we showing a problem now
compile so that bug got fixed. :-) =C2=A0Thanks to whoever picked off that

For next week though I have to do some demos on OSX. So I am trying to
build on El Capitan. I am using the Xcode tool chain, but LLVM 3.7 from
MacPorts. Sadly in driver/configfile.cpp I am getting errors about
config_t and config_setting_t being undefined types and sw being an
undefined variable.

Naturally, I assume the problem is at my end. If anyone has any hints
as to how I can fix this, I'd be very grateful.
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Nov 17 2015