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digitalmars.D.ldc - Build on OSX Mavericks

From my clone of the LDC Git repository, always kept up to date, I
frequently and regularly build LDC master/HEAD for 64-bit Linux either on Debian Unstable or Fedora 20. I am trying to equip an OSX machine. I have Xcode and LLVM and libconfig-hr via MacPorts. I did the CMake initialization for this new set up and the make seems to do the business. However the build terminates with an error in gen/logger.h:75:16, invalid operands to binary expression ('std::ostream' (aka 'basic_ostream<char>') and 'char const[2]') Is this an obvious problem with my set up? Thanks. -- Russel. ============================================================================= Dr Russel Winder t: +44 20 7585 2200 voip: sip:russel.winder ekiga.net 41 Buckmaster Road m: +44 7770 465 077 xmpp: russel winder.org.uk London SW11 1EN, UK w: www.russel.org.uk skype: russel_winder
Jan 24 2014