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digitalmars.D.ide - UNA Now Supports D

reply John A. De Goes <john.withoutspam. n-brain.net> writes:
I'm happy to announce that UNA now supports the D programming language.

The current level of support is 'basic', unless you have the ctags patch
floating around the Internet,
which enables the more advanced features like go-to-definition, structure view,
object hierarchy, and
type-based method suggestions.

Basic support is actually not so basic and includes all the following features:

*Rich syntax highlighting (better than anything else I've seen so far for D);
*A large collection of Source Snippets, many contributed by members of this
*File templates for common D constructs.
*Detection of errors and warnings from the D compiler, so you can jump to them
with one click.
*All the language-agnostic features of UNA, including seamless version control,
text-based auto-
complete, regular expression search & replace, instant searches, incremental
search, block editing, and
so forth.

The solo coding edition of UNA is 100% free, so grab your copy from

Suggested improvements to syntax highlighting, source snippets, and file
templates are all welcome.


Jul 11 2008
parent useo <useo start.bg> writes:
Hey guys,

does anyone downloaded the latest version of UNA edit? The official
sites are not available. It would be great if anyone can upload the
Windows and/or Linux version :).

Thanks in advance!
Jan 27 2011