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digitalmars.D.ide - The great Coedit runnable modules - demo

What's great when you learn D with Coedit is its "runnable 
module" system.

With a simple click, you can execute a module or run its unit 
tests, it even works if the module has a GUI. This feature is 
definitively a time saver.

Here is a small video that shows how it helps me to develop a 
visual framework. As a project I have a whole static library, but 
when I want to test a fix, a new feature or whatever I use some 
runnable modules.

Without any project, any command-line (except the first script 
line which is used to pass additional linker commands) I can 
almost directly see the results:


Note that this is also possible thanks to DMD speed, even if the 
whole logic of the runnable modules is a Coedit thing (for 
example all the --libman-- entries are always passed, which allow 
runnable modules to include complex stuffs, like here, a whole 
visual GUI framework).

Read more here:


Also a previous demo with dbeaengine:

Jan 09 2016