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digitalmars.D.ide - Re: dmd support for IDEs

Walter Bright Wrote:

 So, while I'm not going to be writing an IDE, I figure that dmd can 
 help. dmd already puts out .doc and .di files. 

If dmd could produce inforamtion similar to the information created by the ctags utility then I think that would be a great improvement. Currently there are several editors that rely on ctags for their language information (i.e. Emacs, Zeus, Vim, etc.) but unfortunately ctags does a poor job of supporting the D language. If the compiler itself could produce tag information better than ctags then I think that would be a great improvement. Jussi Jumppanen Author: Zeus for Windows IDE http://www.zeusedit.com PS: For any one that might be intereseted here are the changes I made to ctags in an effort to better support the 1.x version of the D language: http://www.zeusedit.com/z300/ctags_src.zip
Oct 20 2009