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digitalmars.D.ide - GNU make vs dsss vs shell

Using DSSS to building library is very easy, 
but if using DSSS to build binary, it's slowly and may increase the binary size.

Using GNU make(I use Windows port called mingw32-make) to build binary is a
good idea, I think. 

Using shell(.bat file on Windows) is the simplest way to build simple project.

SciTE4D text editor have been updated to support GNU Make file and built.bat on

Once created a Makefile or a build.bat or dsss.conf for your project, all you
need to do is press F7 (or Ctrl+F7), SciTE4D will find the Makefile(build.bat
or dsss.conf), then excute the build process.

Get Scite4D text editor from:

yidabu <yidabu.nospam gmail.com>
Mar 01 2008