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digitalmars.D.ide - Config DWT GUI for Eclipse DDT on Windows

I'm a programming hobbyist and I'm new to the D language.

I'm using Eclipse with the DDT plugin.  I landed on Eclipse 
because it's free, stable, mature, well-documented and it 
supports the languages I dabble in; Java, JavaScript, Android, 
Python, and D.  The DDT plugin offers the basic functions I need 
as a hobbyist, and I hope it will continue to mature.

I've recently struggled to get a GUI working with D2 on Windows 
with the DDT plugin. I finally made some progress, and have 
created a few docs that I hope will help others.  Constructive 
feedback is welcome.

The following are on https://github.com/jasc2v8/dwt-support under 

1. Why use the DWT GUI for the D Language
2. Config DWT GUI for Eclipse DDT on Windows
3. Build DWT 64 bit on Windows
Feb 07 2017