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digitalmars.D.ide - BDE 1.0 Beta 2 for GNU/Linux


The second beta version is available for the GNU/Linux platform.
It is only 17 MB in size(no debugging symbols):
also in Russian:

The screenshots when tested on the Ubuntu 9.10 are here:

Now about the new features.
If not counting the bugs fixed:

1. Parallel compilation. Multithreaded build system.
2. Extended code editor, options etc.
3. Autoformat tool. Automatically indents existing code.
4. Better configurations management.
5. All relative paths should work.
6. User interface is translated to Russian and is automatically detected.
7. Autodetects tools on each run.
8. Now by default the indentation method is by using 4 spaces, tabs 
turned off. Tabs, other options are available through Options. Existing 
sources can be formatted with the Autoformat tool to match the user's 
preferred indentation scheme.

The link-time optimization will be available in future versions.
D semantics support and incremental build will not be available in the 
first final version. These features are expected only in the version 
2.0. GUI editor, better debugging etc. all in the second major version.

Within few days the Windows Beta 2 should be available.
The final release of the version 1.0 is planned within 1-2 weeks.

Detailed list is available from the readme file:
or in Russian

I hope you like the software.
If something is missing from the features listed, or not working 
properly, I'm here, or by email.

Waiting for the feedback.
Thank you.

Alex Makhotin,
the founder of BITPROX,
Jun 03 2010