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digitalmars.D - getting rid of snn.lib

On 13/12/11 09:13, Steven Schveighoffer wrote:
 There is a completely revamped version of std.process.  It is beingheld  
 up right now because DMD on windows depends on DMC for it's Cruntime,  
 and DMC has issues supporting pipes.
Mehrdad wrote in an unrelated post:
 my point is, I could work around it (I've gotten within inches of it!)
 if simply Walter released a TINY part of snn.lib -- just a handful of  
 tiny source
 files regarding the TLS-related stuff, EXE segment markers, and whatnot.
 (I've already raised this issue before, and precisely what we would  
 need, but it seemed to go completely ignored.)
We need to change the runtime for Win64 anyway, so can't we just get rid of that crappy one and make it possible to switch to msvcrt?
Dec 13 2011