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digitalmars.D.dwt - using gtk-server with Debian-etch: Success report

reply Charles D Hixson <charleshixsn earthlink.net> writes:
This is a successful rudimentary use of gtk-server with
Debian Etch & D (DMD).
There are two components, a bash script (testgtkserv.sh) and
the d program (testgtkserv.d).

Also, of course, one needs to install gtk-server

I don't really understand all of this, as I fumbled my way
into a working program based on the python script that they
showed, but this part works on my system.  (There are some
error messages that I don't understand, but many distributed
programs seem to have similar error messages...so perhaps
they aren't serious.)
Jul 09 2006
parent Charles D Hixson <charleshixsn earthlink.net> writes:
Looks like the bash script didn't come across.  Here it is.
Jul 09 2006