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digitalmars.D.dwt - Tips on using DWT

#0 Patching DWT 0.35

Before you build the library, change line #1673 of 
import\dwt\internal\win32\wintypes.d from:
	void uJustification(uint val)	{ BITS & 0xF0; BITS |= (val & 0x0F); }
	void uJustification(uint val)	{ BITS &= 0xF0; BITS |= (val & 0x0F); }
(This bug was not noticed until Walter fixed D.bugs/4829 in dmd 0.146.)

#1 Reducing executable size

If you do not use OLE, COM, Drag-and-Drop features, change line #6 of 
import\make-dwt-lib.bat to:
build -release -clean -inline -w -lib -full -allobj dwt\all.d 
then rebuild the whole library and your DWT application. You will notice 
a 20%~30% decrease in executable size.

You may further squeeze some kilobytes out by removing unused import 
statements in import\dwt\all.d.

#2 Speeding up compilation

Instead of writing "import dwt.all;" at the beginning of your source, 
import only those modules you actually need.

For example, modify the 4th line of package\dwt\examples\misc\hello.d from:
import dwt.all
import dwt.widgets.shell, dwt.widgets.display, dwt.widgets.messagebox;
And compile it using the following command line:
dmd hello.d -release -O -L/subsystem:windows:5 dwt.lib advapi32.lib 
comctl32.lib gdi32.lib shell32.lib user32_dwt.lib msimg32_dwt.lib 
usp10_dwt.lib gdi32_dwt.lib kernel32_dwt.lib
Feb 17 2006