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digitalmars.D - [dox] Fixes to HexadecimalInteger and other issues spawing from

In the documentation 
(http://dlang.org/lex.html#HexadecimalInteger) as it currently 
stands the HexLetter is specified as including the underscore, 
which in a strict interpretation means that the following escape 
sequences are allowed:

\x__ (from \x HexDigit HexDigit)
\u____ (from \u HexDigit HexDigit HexDigit HexDigit)
\U________ (from \U etc.)

I have changed this and also specified HexDigitUS as it was left 

You can find the changes on my GitHub repo, here:


It has the same issue as BinaryInteger in that it does not allow 
the first and last character to be an underscore.
Aug 16 2013