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digitalmars.D - dmd 2.057 64bit produces broken binaries

Hi all,

I'm trying to use the latest dmd on 64 bit Ubuntu 11.10.  The 64 bit dmd
produces binaries that segfault.  Anything I build segfaults.  The 32
bit dmd seems to work.

jlquinn wyvern:~/bluemax/src/trlblues/mt$ cat junk2.d 
import std.stdio;
int main(string[] args) {
  return 0;
jlquinn wyvern:~/bluemax/src/trlblues/mt$ ~/dmd2/linux/bin64/dmd junk2.d 
jlquinn wyvern:~/bluemax/src/trlblues/mt$ ./junk2 
Segmentation fault

In gdb, the segfault appears to happen before main().  I've tried
building dmd from source and it still does this.

I've filed a bug.  Someone else posted saying it works fine, suggesting
the problem is my setup.

Any suggestions?

Jan 14 2012