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digitalmars.D - corn's concurrent programming as an example


i want to start a discussion about some features i've found in an
"parallel" language called corn

former webpage - reachable through the internet archive:

i think they use a nice syntax to express in-paralell running

{# ...thread 1... ; ...thread 2... ; ... } // wait until threads done

<# ...thread 1... ; ...thread 2... ; ... > // start many threads

"just" an example/idea of how [explicit] parallel-programming can be 
written down in syntax

but only powerfull in combination with compiler(language) known 
synchronization (monitor/barrier...) - its a mess without (and i don't 
speak about simple locks or synchronized{ ... } )

a way D should/could go?
or in other words - i hope the concurrent stuff in D
will be become as bright as the rest of D :-)

ciao dennis
Jul 04 2008