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digitalmars.D.bugs - va_list segfault on AMD64

Im compiling the following with gdc-0.25-4.2.3-2ubuntu2 on Ubuntu 8.04 
AMD64 and it gets a segmentation fault.

import std.stdio;
void main(){

Writing strings works fine as far as I see. Following is the 
stackframe given by gdb. And there you see the reason why I think its 
something with the va_list stuff (which is pretty different on AMD64 
than x86, because parameters are passed inside registers). But I'm not 
really familiar with the internals of phobos, so maybe that guess is 

#0 0x40cfb9 
#1 0x40e2d9 
#2 0x40f101 
#3 0x40c603 
#4 0x40c85a	_D3std5stdio8writeflnFYv() (??:??)
#5 0x402bc0	_Dmain() (bug_test.d:3)
#6 0x4191a7	_D9dgccmain211_d_run_mainUiPPaPUAAaZiZi2goMFZv() (??:??)
#7 0x41925f	_d_run_main() (??:??)
#8 0x7ff0414eb1c4	__libc_start_main() (/lib/libc.so.6:??)
#9 0x402b19	_start() (??:??)
Apr 18 2008