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digitalmars.D.bugs - [Issue 14614] New: PDB File Not Generated


          Issue ID: 14614
           Summary: PDB File Not Generated
           Product: D
           Version: D2
          Hardware: x86_64
                OS: Windows
            Status: NEW
          Severity: major
          Priority: P1
         Component: VisualD
          Assignee: nobody puremagic.com
          Reporter: michael hewitts.us

I am running Visual D under Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition RC.  After
creating a basic D console application project, the compilation fails with the
following error message:

Converting debug information...
C:\Users\Gamer\documents\visual studio 2015\Projects\dcal\dcal\Debug\dcal.pdb:
cannot load PDB helper DLL

When I look in the Debug subdirectory of the project, I see that a PDB file was
not produced by the D compiler.  I am using dmd 2.067.1 and Visual D v0.3.41. 
I have checked the following:

1. The -debug flag is passed to dmd.
2. Project->Compiler->Debug->Debug Info set to Symbolic (suitable for VS).

As far as I can tell, cv2pdb.exe is trying to find the pdb file, which is
missing.  I do see that even though the Output File is set to
"$(OutDir)\$(ProjectName).exe", the dmd command line shows the flag

I am probably ahead of the game installing VS 2015, but it is the only free
version that will run with Visual D, so I figured it might be a priority for
the Visual D team to support this version of Visual Studio.

May 21 2015