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digitalmars.D.bugs - Error building DMD under Syllable

reply Rohan <rohan land.ru> writes:
I tried to build DMD under Syllable, but I got next error:

Itk   -D_I86_=1   -DMARS=1   -DTARGET_LINUX=1   -D_DH  backend/evalu8. с 
ackend/evalu8.с:   In  function   'elem* evalu8(elem*)':
ackend/evalu8.с:602:   error:    '_clear87'   was not  declared   in 
this   scope ackend/evalu8.с:2003:   error:   '_status87'   was not 
declared  in  this  scope ake:   ***  [evalu8.o]   Error  1

I don't know how to fix it :( who can help me? I tried to build dmd 1&2 
and dmd ported to freebsd - result is same.
Apr 08 2009
parent Rohan <rohan land.ru> writes:
Sorry, I missed with group, could you move first message to d.D ?
Apr 08 2009