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lurker wrote:
 below is the program fragment. i am using dmd 2012.
 does anybody have a clue on how to search for a key and return the HASHTAG 
   this() {
     Tags = [
     "(0002,0000)": HASHTAG("UL","N","Group Length"),
     "(0002,0001)": HASHTAG("OB","N","File Meta Information Version"),
     "(0002,0002)": HASHTAG("UI","N","Media Storage SOP Class UID")

   bool Search(string key, ref TData pData) {
  // ----> will always be null, not finding the HASHTAG     tt = ("(0002,0000)"
in Tags);
     if (tt == null)              return false;

 displaying the keys of the hash shows, that "(0002,0000)" is contained in the
Weird... That works fine on 1.028, but indeed seems to fail on 2.012. You may want to file a bug report at <http://d.puremagic.com/issues/> if there isn't one for this already.
Mar 24 2008