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digitalmars.D - array error msg improvement

reply Profile Anaysis <PA gotacha.com> writes:
Error		Error: cannot append type int[] to type int[2][]	

This is because I tried to slice too small [0..1] when I was 
suppose to do [0..2](which passes). The error message is 
deceiving because it makes it look like the append can't happen 
when it can.

Should be something like

Error		Error: cannot append type int[1] to type int[2][]	
Feb 02 2017
parent David Nadlinger <code klickverbot.at> writes:
On Thursday, 2 February 2017 at 16:08:37 UTC, Profile Anaysis 
 Should be something like […]
Thanks for the suggestion. However, please use https://issues.dlang.org for bug reports and enhancement requests. They will just get lost here on the NG. — David
Feb 02 2017