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digitalmars.D.announce - v1.0.0 of templ-d: An Embedded D Template Engine

Hello everyone,
A few of you might have remembered me posting a proof-of-concept 
embedded D template engine a week or two ago. I'd like to 
announce that a few weeks of development later, I've extracted 
the core idea of that into a Dub-compatible library, called 

The syntax that templ-d uses is identical to that of eRuby, so 
any Ruby programmers will feel right at home with this. However, 
delimiters can easily be changed if you so choose.

Templ-d parses templates at compile time, so there is zero 
runtime overhead when rendering templates. An optional object or 
struct can be passed into templ-d functions, to provide outside 
context to the template.

An example of what the syntax looks like:

% foreach(i; 0..2) {
Index: <%= i %>
% }

will return the string:

Index: 0
Index: 1
Index: 2

Details about passing in additional contexts and 
shorthand/longhand notation plus examples are available at:

The dub package is located at:
This is the first public-presentable D project I've done, so critique on the code and pull requests are very welcome. On a side note, a target I've got for the library is to be an alternative template engine for vibe-d, a web framework written in D, but I'll cross that bridge in the future.
May 27 2013